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About Us

After understanding the dangerous side effects and consequent health disorders caused due to the usage of chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers that are prevalent in today’s fast-paced, quantity-driven agriculture sectors. What started out as a healthy exchange of ideas between two like-minded friends, after sharing concerns about worsening food-production qualities and societal conditions, later got solidified as a company – Swasth Organics!

Our Co-Founders, Mr Haneefa, and Mr Radhakrishnan Naranapatty collaborated together to raise social consciousness about healthy lifestyles by presenting organic products that add to your well-being and vitality.

Mr Haneefa had been inspired by the natural farming methods of Mr Mesabou Fukuoka who is a pioneer in the field of natural agriculture, and other prominent natural activists like Sir Albert Howard, J.C. Kumarappa and Nammalvar. Fuelled by the drive to improve the agricultural game in India, in 1986, Mr Haneefa started a company called the Man and Soil Consultancy with a vision to create awareness about chemical fertilizers and its harmful side effects, which later transformed into a leading building developer company, having delivered thousands of homes to the happy home buyers through his construction company.

Mr Radhakrishnan Naranapatty, also the Chairman of Kaay Innovations, is a social thinker and a successful entrepreneur who has built many companies and achieved success in numerous portfolios including Retails, Delivery, Marketing, Automobiles, Mass Media, and AdTech. Divided by profession and united by the spirit of a social cause and thought, our Co-founders joined hands to serve the society by venturing into the organic world and thus established Swasth Organics.

We aim to raise awareness amongst netizens about the dangers and health risks of consuming chemical dosed produce and how switching to organic products can help achieve a healthier, and thus a happier life.

Our Vision

We joined hands to kindle awareness among people about the great many health benefits of organic products. We function as a vehicle of health consciousness that is driving towards an organic revolution. Our aim is to ensure that we nurture the health of your family by bringing together the best organic products right to your doorsteps. While we understand the complexities of today technologically advanced world, all our products carry the essence of traditional processing methods of agriculture and farming.

Our Mission

To Confect Swasth Organics as a global and a world-class product. And also, to indulge people about the significance of their health and the benefits of consuming organic products and initiating an organic revolution for the future enhancement. We work with the statistic of “Sowing and sprinkling seeds of organic products for a healthy tomorrow”.

Our Certifications

India’s ranks 9th in terms of World’s Organic Agricultural land, and in terms of the total number of organic producers, the country ranked 1st in 2018. With growing awareness and initiatives by the Government of India has enabled us to make use of the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP). The national program involves the accreditation program for Certification Bodies, standards for organic production, promotion of organic farming.

Delivery Process

Go organic to taste the essence of healthy livelihood

Customer Order

We are prudent about serving only the best of farm-raised, naturally derived organic product to our much-loved consumers.


We practice sustainability, even while packing all our orders with the utmost care and follow the highest standards of hygiene and preventive measures.


We ensure prompt product delivery, but first we gear up your order to make sure everything is perfect and only then do we come bearing your healthy choices!


We are always more than happy to lend a helping hand to you whenever you need. If you ever face any issues with the product supply, we got you covered. Reach out to us at any time, we will help you to our level best. You matter to us, as does your health, after all.